Bamses Custom Bike

Bamses Custom Bike started up in the spring of 2004 by Christer "Bamse" Andersson and has it location in Hölö about 30 miles south of Stockholm.

It all began when Bamse and Mr. Moore Motorcycles Oy worked together in several miner projects when the idea of opening a own workshop took place.

One of the first projects was when Bamse was asked if he could make a springerfork to MCM:s project "The Viridian".

Bamse made the parts for the fork and Mr Moore assembled it.

Since that the shop has just keept growing and getting bigger and today we do everything from minor services to insurance job and on to complete reconstructions.

We have a very good experience of more than 30 years of custom motorcycle builds and we do everything from construction to strength calculations to metal work and the result is that today we can make the smallest change on your bike to a complete construction from scratch. 


So if you have an idea or a dream of a one of a kind build don´t hesitate to give us a call and we will make that dream come true.

Joakim Björnfot

Project manager

The best custom builder there is. 
They can do everything and the builds that leave the shop is just amazing



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